Sustainable & Responsible Gaming

Encouraging Positive Play

IGT is committed to Responsible Gaming and informed choice for you, the players. Combining positive and sustainable play techniques with our games is a way to maximize the entertainment value of our products.

How to Have a Positive Gaming Experience

  • Understand the definition of gambling and read game rules to learn how each game is played before you begin to play.
  • Don't be afraid to ask an attendant what a particular term means.
  • Before you arrive or log-in, determine an amount of money you are comfortable spending knowing you may not get it back. Consider that the money spent in the game is the price you pay for your fun.
  • Utilize limit-setting features to ensure you aren't overspending or losing track of time. Set your game limits and stick with them. Play only the amount of money you initially determined and do not play sums of money you cannot afford to lose.
  • Avoid spending money on gambling that is intended for other purposes. Do not play to win back your previous losses. Avoid considering gambling as a solution to your problems or concerns.
  • NEVER borrow money to gamble, lie to your loved ones about the amounts you have gambled, or the time you have devoted to playing.
  • If you get frustrated, take a break and clear your mind by walking or getting a snack. Each play is an independent event, so a break will not impact your chances or winning or losing but it will help you make better informed decisions, sustaining a positive play experience.
  • Stop playing when you hit your time or money limit. Don't let the fun you've had be dampened by overspending or being late for your next activity or social engagement. Do not play when you are feeling depressed, lonely, bored, tense, or anxious.
  • Ask for hope if you think you're spending too much or playing too frequently.
  • Do not take time off to work to play.

Understanding Gambling Risk

It is helpful to think of gambling as an entertainment expense – just like buying a movie ticket.
Only play with money you can afford to lose and never use money put aside for bills like food, phone or rent.​
It helps to set a money limit in your head before you  play and think: “When it's gone – it's over!”
Setting a time limit in advance helps you to not lose track of time when  playing.
It is best not to chase any losses. If you lose your set money limit, don’t try to win some of it back because that usually just leads to even bigger losses. ​
Decision-making can be more difficult when  stressed or emotionally upset so try to only play when  feeling happy and clear headed.​
Balancing playing with other activities makes playing more enjoyable. When gambling becomes the only form of entertainment is when excessive play happens, and the pleasure disappears.​
Taking frequent breaks helps  to not lose track of time and perspective. Step out for some air or a bite to eat at regular intervals.​
It’s better not to  drink or use drugs when playing as they can cloud judgment and make sticking to limits difficult.​

Overall, you should play and have fun! Sustaining a positive play environment for yourself.

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